5R Your Wardrobe


Fashion is always changing. Every season there are new clothes for you to buy. Every year the trousers get shorter or longer, with wide legs or skinny fit, the waist goes up and down, the jackets are long or very short.

Maybe after all you can just go to your parents’ wardrobe to get very stylish vintage outfits that your friends will love.

But the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of the planet. Besides, there are tiny synthetic microfibers from lycra, spandex or polyester that goes to the ocean each time we wash our synthetic clothes. And there is also a huge problem regarding child labor in fashion industry. We want to dress accordingly the latest fashion shows, but most of us can’t aford it, so we buy cheap clothes that we throw away next season, contributing to the twelve billion kilograms of clothing waste we do every year (read it here). So we can have a disease for using synthetic clothing and promote clothing waste, simply because we are fashion victims.

If you think about the last decades in fashion, you will notice that it is always going back for something. High waist jeans where the thing in the 80s, along with jean jackets, very colorful sweaters were everybody’s favourite sweaters in the 70s and so on.

So maybe you can use second hand clothes. From your family (maybe even yours if you are no more a millennial) or from second hand shops. You can even adapt it, by going to sew classes or do some tutorials like this one: see how you can adapt your jean jacket from the 80’s giving it puff sleeves or make a dress from a t-shirt like this.

You can also sell, trade or give away clothes that you do not wear. Maybe it’ll be someone’s favorite for the next season.

The important is that you never forget the 5Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot) even regarding clothing and of course dress accordingly to the latest fashion from an old decade.