Creative Ways To Reuse Peels

Creative Ways To Reuse Peels

We all know where the most waste is inevitably produced at our house, and I don’t mean the bathroom! A couple of weeks ago we learned about the Struggle Against Food Waste and gladly we keep on adding some juicy tips to our environmental drawer. This time, we’re going to be gently throwing some new, peculiar, and very useful ones at you so you can up your recycling/upcycling game to a whole new level!

So, why throw peels away when there are so many things we can do with them? You’ll see.


Apple Peels

Not all of us eat the skin, so if you always find yourself discarding it, understand that there’s a handful of things you can do! To enjoy a nice apple tea, just dry the peels beforehand to get that sweet taste. You can even use it to effectively clear the stains of your aluminum kitchen utensils! Heck, if you had a rough day/night, take care of yourself as the skin helps reduce dark circles, by cooling them on the fridge before going for that sweet rejuvenation! 


Egg Shells

These blew my mind! So, we got the nutritious value covered, eggs are great overall. But did you know their shells are equally great as natural fertilizers? You can additionally grind them into your pet's food so that they get that extra protein! And, if you’re a fan of coffee, by adding eggshell powder into the filter you can make it sweeter. Who knew, right?


Potato Peels

Besides having the power, like most, of being great fertilizers, they’re also a powerful weapon against pests if you grind and sprinkle the peels around your garden. On a medicinal level, rubbing them against the skin provides us relief against insect bites, itchiness, and rashes!



We know they’re rinds, not peels, but we had to include them while we're on the personal care wave. The properties of the watermelon rinds are great against acne, just rub them on your skin when no one’s looking! If you have kids going through that phase, this might be a very helpful solution for them. Apart from that, they reduce blood pressure and work really well as a workout and libido booster! *wink*


Onion and Garlic

I promise these won’t make you cry. Surprisingly, the skin of both has more nutrients than any other part of them, so let’s use them for nice homemade soup stock! By the way, no one was expecting this, but they also help with the skin and at the same time you can turn them into chips!  What a treat. As a cherry on top, of course, we had to add it to our tea, because it has excellent sleep-inducing benefits!


Perfection is not the goal, but if we keep working on the little things and try to include these healthy habits we keep learning about in our daily life, we can truly make a significant impact, regardless if it’s on a smaller scale!
Let’s make the world a better place, one step at a time!

See you next week,with more tips coming your way!