Decorate your House with Upcycled Goodies

Decorate your House with Upcycled Goodies

As proud stylish practitioners of the art of Upcycling, we’re going to introduce you to a whole new world of creative reuse. Naturally, waste is not in our menu, so by adding to the cauldron the possibility of bringing back from the ashes some used products, followed by a pinch of permaculture lifestyle you’re going to have some pretty badass environmentally friendly home decorations! We hope you’re hungry because there’s a huge buffet of ideas and tutorials that might be worth trying out:


Plastic Bottles

If you’re not planning on refilling or doing the flipping challenge with your used plastic bottles, you can cut them in half and use the bottom part as a vase, an ashtray or even a bird feeder that you can leave outside! Naming and painting them with your kids can be a fun part of it too and a way of teaching them a valuable lesson on upcycling! 


Glass Jars

As long as you don’t lose the lid, they’re perfect for see-through storage when it comes to makeup and stationery items! Alternatively, you can use them as some cool lanterns over the shelf. Or even better, create your own little garden inside them! Again, if you have kids, how cool would it be to make a terrarium? Check out how!


Egg Cartons 

We can’t get tired of flowers, you know how it is. Wondering what has to do with egg cartons? Have a look at this lovely artwork that you can do yourself and tell us what you think!



Hoarding some old books that you’re not sure what to do with? Are they old and sticky, past the phase of donation? Now you can make a Book Page Wreath or some fun Book Balls! Or, my favourite of them all, create a secret compartment within it and put it back on the shelf (just don’t whistle while doing it, might draw attention to your hidden goodies).


Wine Corks

Amazing how these little materials can be so versatile. By glueing them together you can create bathmats, coasters, holiday wreaths and much more! The coolest thing you can do is probably wall art, not gonna lie - here’s a heart and a tutorial of it, dedicated to all our readers!


As we’ll be learning with time, almost everything can be reused and/or converted into a decorative item, depending on our taste and imagination! A lot of it will have to do with nature and flowers, but we’re biased here, as you know. Together, let’s keep on improving our footprint and adding layers of beauty to our lives, one step at time!

See you next week!