Eco-Tips: Valentine’s Day Edition!

From the ancient feasts in the name of Saint Valentine to modern picnics, filled with romance and love! If you were to prepare one, wouldn’t it be in a beautiful garden or by the lake? Wherever your passion takes you, it probably involves nature. Why not share the love with the environment, if it helps us make this lovely day so special? 

This week we bring you some fresh Valentine’s Day tips to make it happen! 

Showing love for those that matter the most to us doesn't have to be incompatible with preserving the environment, although as a consumer in today’s society, that’s a challenge that doesn’t cross our minds very often when there’s a gigantic variety of potential gifts. We know, we know. Yet, that still doesn’t change the fact that we’re releasing an additional 9 million kilograms of CO2 into our atmosphere, amidst romantic celebrations.


Having that in mind, let’s get the party started with a very known banger:


  • Upgrade from the bouquets: now that the dark side of the flower industry (cut-flower production) and carbon emissions associated with it is out there, why not look at the bright side? Picking up your own flowers or gifting a living plant improves the gesture and is also much more symbolic! They will last a lot longer and you’ll be helping the planet! 

  • Get creative: There’s no better way to put it because this will depend on your loved one! Coming up with an intangible and symbolic gift will nurture your relationship and show how much you know and care for them. For instance, you can prepare a favorite meal along with a good wine, write a poem or make a video of your best memories, etc.;

  • Take notes: This might not apply to this year, but it’s something to definitely keep in mind. Throughout your time together, your loved one will probably mention or express a desire for a particular item or experience. Trust me, the look on their face when you surprise them/they open the reusable bag (wink), and see what’s inside will be priceless! And most importantly, it will show them you’re listening!

  • Plan a trip: It’s well known that the furthest from the date, the more you enjoy the excitement and spare your wallet (while you’re at it)! Use that in your advantage to invest in some well-planned holidays. The experience will be worth a thousand images! 

  • Long-lasting Gift: The idea is to get a durable present that will not only last but that your partner needs or finds useful! Get these two together and we guarantee you they’ll love it! Once again, observation and knowledge will be key to understanding the perfect gift in your specific situation!


  • Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This means every small action we take, including what we buy and who we buy it from as a collective, has the power to dramatically impact the climate. We must be aware of this every day and try our best to avoid being part of the problem, especially during these seasons. That being said, we hope you enjoyed some of the solutions!

    Have a great Valentine’s Day!