Loving Pets


We all love our pets. We, who have dogs, know that our dog is a friend for life, that loves us unconditionally and will do everything to please us (even a stray dog can be a friend for life if we let it). So, we pamper them and spend a lot of money on good food and all kind of accessories. We have the best vet in town who we call every time the pet burps in an odd way, we buy the best bed and the best blanket matching our own and we also buy the collars and leashes matching our clothes and, of course, there’s a lot other important pet stuff we need – like raincoats and snow boots.

But there is one thing that our dogs do that isn’t as nice as having matching raincoats: they poop. And they do it accordingly to their size and every time they leave the house.

Nowadays, you have plenty of different plastic bags to get your dog’s waste. But if your dog goes out three times a day, you’ll probably have to do it three to six times a day and spend a plastic bag for each poop.

And if you multiply that for every plastic bag you use and for every person that has one or two dogs, you see how dangerous this can be regarding plastic pollution, particularly the microplastics – and if you think we are being alarmist, please read this.

So, what can you do? When you walk your dog, maybe you can take with you a little box where you can put some small amount of cat litter (easy if you are also a cat lover and owner) and a shovel. You can pick the remains and put it in the box, and at the end of the walk dispose it in the dumpster. Or, if you take your dog with you through the day you can buy biodegradable bags here which are fully compostable.

If you live in the countryside, things get easier. Take a shovel with you when you leave the house with your dog and bury the waste, so it manures the soil. If your dog does it by itself, then the job is done!