The Gardening Adventure


The Gardening Adventure

Despite the weather’s increasing confusion, spring has brought us an abundance of beautiful days of sunlight, nice temperatures and overall happiness. It came with a gentle spirit, softly warming everything in its reach, nurturing our hearts, souls and especially our gardens!

As the first verse of a favorite song, we’ve written down in our Garblog stone the fundamentals of having a garden, also known as setting it up properly and getting the tools we need. It recently came to attention that this is not only the perfect way to get healthy food or a hobby but art in its purest natural form. So, yes, we might consider ourselves artists once the job is done but, firstly, we’ll have to select what type of garden we want. Hop on the hype wagon as we start working on our backyard paradise/raised garden bed!


Vegetables Gardens

Starting with the classics. You’re a practical person so you want to make the most out of it. You see the beauty in self-sustainability and you want to embrace nature, becoming part of the cycle of life and growing your own vegetables. Who needs flowers when you got yourself a sweet cabbage?

It’s easier than you would expect: once we get the seeds we wish to grow, we’re going to dig small holes for each one of them and lay some compound/starter fertiliser into it, then mix the seeds in. After covering it up, we’ll water it thoroughly so it starts off nicely, as it should! If you can, cover it up with an additional layer of mulch of grass clippings so we don’t have any undesired weeds growing in our precious garden.

Top 5 Best Vegetables Easy To Grow In Your Vegetable Garden


Flowers Everywhere!

Besides loving flowers and having a delightful view when stepping outside, you want to fully express yourself through gardening. Your personality resembles a lovely double rainbow, so why shouldn’t your garden be a reflection of it? Planting flowers in spring is the most popular time, so let’s do this!

It’s time to choose your favourites but before that make sure they’re suitable for your climate, so they can thrive in the amount of sunlight available.

Let’s start by removing the plant from its pot in order to preserve as much of the root as possible. If they’re heavily entangled, separate them by hand or with a sharp object. By doing this we are, in a way, resetting its roots so it adapts better to its new home. We also want to pinch the existing flowers off so the plant can focus its energy on developing a good root system, instead of growing ahead of the ideal time!

Before fitting them into our garden bed, we need to make sure it's ready for the task. Smooth the soil with the ground rake and add some organic soil as well. Then, we’re going to need at least 1 inch/3cm of organic matter layered over it. Afterwards, plant the flowers at the same soil level as they were in the container and mulch your garden. Repeat the grass clippings process mentioned previously and we’re all set! Easy, right?

Here’s a beginner friendly tutorial on how to grow roses, my personal favourites!


Cultural Gardens

We were bound to open history’s door and have a glimpse into the horizon of its variety of majestic gardening styles. These types present themselves as very unique treats to the eye by reflecting the culture, cuisine and medicinal ways of each era and location. It’s possible to recreate some of them in our own way and that's what we will keep on doing in the next article!

Stay tuned and, remember, a garden requires patience and attention. It grows and thrives if it’s well taken care of. It will eventually do the same for us in the long run!


Have fun!