Ways to Reuse Stale Bread

ways to reuse stale bread

Old but gold. Centuries go by and the seasons keep changing but, gladly, the bread keeps on coming. This week we’re back with some anti-kitchen waste tips from our environmental drawer! As a huge source of carbohydrates, bread still plays an essential part in human history to this day. Containing high levels of B vitamins, calcium, proteins, and iron, dough has proven to be a long-time trustworthy source of nutritional value, with the bonus of being fibrous and, therefore, a good friend of our digestive system!

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Now, let’s get into it and find out how we can give that stale loaf other opportunities to shine again:


The Three S’s
Soup, sauces, and stews! By adding stale bread into the pot, we can easily add that nutritional value. This trick thickens what we’re aiming for, especially soup when it gets mushy and blends into it. From here we can make the classic French Onion soup with cheesy bread on top, for example. 


Usually, the people's favorite when it comes to those tasty salads from the supermarket. Well, not anymore! I mean, they’ll still be there when you’re feeling lazy but for this one, we’re bringing a specialist to show you how to prepare them at home!


French / Cinnamon Toast
The most famous and easiest path to a zero-waste lifestyle when it comes to bread. Ideal for breakfasts. It is indeed a magical feeling when we don’t even notice it’s stale after dipping it in milk or batter. Hmmm.


Blueberry Crunch Breakfast Bake
A more advanced way to start your morning in a delicious manner. A keeper of a recipe that also works perfectly for special occasions! Easy to make and full of good reviews, gotta love it.


Pineapple-Stuffed Cornish Hens
It’s not a pizza, so we’re good! This recipe is, naturally, from Hawaii, and it includes tender meat, a nice pineapple-coconut stuffing, and a sweet-sour sauce. Known for generations and kept a secret from the public's ears, this one you won’t regret trying out!


See? Next time, try to remember the good old prime days of your leftovers and think about all these wonderful and savory ways of making the most out of it! In fact, there’s even more, but let’s leave that for another episode.


Stay tuned and see you next week!