Sustainable Commuting

sustainable commuting
In old days, a lot of people could walk to their work facilities. Today, cities are getting bigger and a lot of people are moving to the outskirts where flats are cheaper and you can have a better life quality. The problem is grabbing the car to go to work is the easiest and most comfortable option. Of course, you will waste years of happy living in the traffic and trying to park, not to mention the money you spend in fuel and parking. Besides, you are contributing to harm the environment as fossil fuels have a high carbon content. Learn more here.


So the best thing to do is… to commute! You can use your own transport like a bicycle or a skate, even rollerblades, and you are enjoying some workout. Nowadays most cities have bicycle renting companies that makes it easier for you to commute everywhere: in Lisbon, Paris or near Amsterdam.

You can also commute in public transports. Maybe you’ll run into someone you didn’t see for some time or you can catch up on that never-ending book you are trying to read but can’t find the time or even answer some pending e-mails.

Why not organizing carpools to work or other activities? There are some services that help you find people to share a ride. If you live in the city, you can even get rid of your car and embrace a car-free living. But if you still need a car, invest in electric vehicles, as they are less polluting than the gasoline or diesel ones.

So ditch the car, start sharing rides, riding bikes, don’t get poor and help the environment, because you are helping yourself in the long run.