Garbags Philosophy

Garbags strongly believes that inspiration can come from the right balance between ecology, quality and design.

Our work is the result of intense research, experimentation and technical development since 2011. Even more, it is the result of a different perspective on the World and every object surrounding us, an ecological look full of creativity and respect for Nature. A look that makes us go further than just dreaming and tells us to act and discover how a coffee package can become a durable handbag or how to turn a toothpaste tube into a cool pencil case.

Garbags Goal

To inspire people and companies to think about the waste they create in everyday life and start seeing it in a different light. Garbags offers an unique and practical way for people looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly by offering a series of products individually cut and handmade in Portugal.

We believe environment, social factors and business can coexist but we go further: we make it happen!

Remember: with every Garbags products you purchase, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and create a more sustainable World!

Why Garbags Uses Upcycled Materials

Understanding that only 20% of the waste produced in Portugal is recycled and the fact that attractive and durable packaging used for daily products ends up in a landfill was the starting point to us!

Garbags products are made from materials that were originally used to hold coffee, pet food, milk, potato chips and others. Since these packages were first designed to hold 2-5 kg they are strong and durable enough to be turned into fashion items. The upcycling aspect is essential but Garbags products also have to be durable, stylish, functional and, above all, fun!

Recycling or Upcycling?

Recycling is a process that transforms old materials into new through industrial processes involving energy use.
Upcycling converts waste materials or useless products new materials or products of better quality and environmental value.
Garbags wants to bring the upcycling process closer to people by providing them a practical and fun collection of strong products made with a certain type of packages easily recognized by everyone!

What Garbags Has Achieved

We have already passed the round number of 1 000 000 packages saved from landfills!

That is the equivalent of saving approximately 100 cubic meters – the amount of waste that would fit 2 big-sized trucks or all the furniture of a 10-bedroom house!

But these are only numbers. From the past years, we can see positive changes happening everyday in our community. Right now, Garbags has over 100 regular donators that come to us bringing used packages and getting funny rewards made with their own materials in return. By doing this, we create a significant impact on the local environment and economy.

Where Garbags Gets Its Used Packages

People are invited to donate their used packages at our shops and become a Garbags Donator through our P2P program that rewards their environmental conscience with great discounts, exclusive prices, and eco-vouchers!

We also have a local collecting system powered by our staff that collects used packages from cafés, bars, restaurants, local associations, and events!

And, of course, from our wonderful eco-partners who understand the advantage of our GoGreenCorporate program and donate their waste or purchase exclusive upcycled merchanding!