2022 Environmental Recap

Good morning, everyone! The dawn of a fresh new year is here and with it, we bring a sense of accomplishment on our part and, most importantly, hope for the years to come. Together we managed to make an impact, one step at a time, contributing to a better world by practicing and implementing an eco-friendly lifestyle along with spreading awareness. Sometimes we might come through as stubbornly optimistic, but we’re proud of it!

As you stand with us on the frontlines of the fight for the preservation of nature, eco-anxiety is something that, sometimes, we all end up experiencing down the road. That’s why this week we’re bringing you some remarkable events and good news that occurred in 2022:

  • The Republic of China pulled up its sleeves and is planning to build the world’s largest wind farm, a facility so huge it will have the capacity to provide energy to 13 million homes;
  • Scientists discovered a viable and cheap aluminum-sulfur (seawater) alternative for lithium-ion batteries, which are not environmentally friendly at all! This significant breakthrough is already being adapted for commercialization as we speak;

In times like these, if we take a step back and look at the world, we realize that we are, indeed, a beautiful community. Even though some of the damage is done and the future is uncertain, we’re all in the same boat, struggling and trying to make things better. We’re not perfect, but as long as we don’t lose our true humanity and compassion, we won’t lose ourselves or our home!

See you next week!