I already donate my used packages. What about you?


Did you know in Portugal only 20% of the produced waste is recycled?

Garbags provides an alternative to used packages that would end up in landfill – or pass through expensive and high energy consuming recycling processes – besides supporting other local businesses and employment along the way!


Save the equivalent to one recycling bag (approx. 50 x 60 cm) full of used packages and, after 10 donations, you get a FREE GIFT of your choice – up to 10 EUR!

Do you live abroad? Lisbon or Porto are a little too far from you? Make your donations by post!

Collect all your used packages and put together a box! Along with your free gift, you’ll receive an eco-voucher covering your post expenses that you can discount in an online purchase!


Tetrapak packages (milk and juice), coffee packages and disposable capsules, toothpaste tubes, shampoo and shower gel bottleschocolate wrapperschips and snacks packages, pet food packages, publicity bannersinner tubescereals carton packages, colorful plastic bagsumbrellas and comics and Lisbon and Porto related magazines.

You are welcome to surprise us with original and unusual materials too. Our heads are always bubbling with new ideas so maybe we can turn those into something useful and ecological!

Do you want to learn more about our People2People Program and start donating?

Contact us: p2p@garbags.com
Visit us here or send us your box to:
Rua Damasceno Monteiro, 74B, 1170 – 113 Lisbon, Portugal