A Sustainable Wedding for Everyone!

sustainable wedding

Oh, yes. Everyone loves a wedding, especially when it’s your own. As a guest, you might not adore it as much but, let’s be honest, the food is usually worth it. This ceremony celebrates the best of us as it is based on love and happiness, followed by the company of our loved ones.

The big day, although it has to come with style, it doesn’t necessarily have to harm the environment. This week, for those passionate and committed to a zero-waste lifestyle, we share a few solutions to brighten one of the most special days in our lives:

  • Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue in your local or desired area! They will already have everything in mind to shrink your celebration’s carbon footprint. Why spend extra money on decorations when these locations already have them? Additionally, you can complement your ceremony and reception spaces with good-looking reusable items that fit your wedding style!
  • Sustainable and fabulous is what a wedding dress should be like. There are many wedding dress designers who focus on ethical production and eco-friendly fabrics, even by renting you can find the dress of your dreams while helping the environment!
  • Ask your florist to go foam-free: your centerpieces will be naturally abundant and softer in style than traditional arrangements.
  • Get some seeded paper for your invites and stationery! That way, they can be planted in your guests' gardens and grow into beautiful flowers! Alternatively, you could send some cute and personalised emails too.
  • Find a catering company that provides a menu that is at least 50% vegan! Preferably, one that uses local resources such as seasonal ingredients and buys them from local producers. That way you can reduce the impact on the environment by avoiding imported products and ones that involve intensive agriculture. This will definitely help reduce the environmental impact of the wedding meal.
  • Avoid having one-use cutlery items that don’t need to be disposed of afterward!
  • Cake! Put your baker to the test by ordering an organic, tasty vegan wedding cake. A little bit of chocolate is okay!
  • Plan in the case of leftovers, so that delicious food doesn’t get tossed into the trash!
  • End the event like a boss, while you toast, with some Eco-friendly fireworks in the background - these have a clean-burning, nitrogen-based fuel, meaning only small amounts of metal salts are needed to produce the brilliantly colored flames.
  • Book and Environmentally Friendly Honeymoon - there are Eco-Resorts worth the experience, providing you with activities and amazing relaxing atmospheres where you can connect better with nature and your partner! While you’re at it, avoid using airplanes as it is one of the most harmful means of transportation. Instead, try going by train and making it fun by spending time with your significant other. You'll enjoy the journey as much as the destination. 

We hope to have helped you not only find a creative way around the waste but also make it a lot more fun and unique event! A values-based wedding will certainly set you off on the right foot!

Want to know more? Check out this comprehensive guide for further reading!

Have a happy Eco-Friendly Marriage!