Banana Pancakes: Gluten & Dairy Free!

There is no easy way to put it. There is only the mouth-watering delicious way. If we didn’t try the result ourselves, we wouldn’t have believed how easy it was to indulge and get hooked on this recipe that consists only of two ingredients - bananas and eggs. The extras are up to your creativity and personal taste which ends up making it even better! Now, these might not be exactly pancakes at heart, but brace yourselves because they sure look and taste like it if done correctly!



First and foremost, we’re going to need a good-looking banana and two large eggs! Preparation time will vary between 5-10 minutes, whilst it only takes about 3 minutes to cook. Perfect for breakfast or a quick snack I would say. Not to mention we can get about eight small pancakes out of it!


Master Chef Time!

We’re going to start by peeling the banana the right way, which is by pinching the top brown part with your fingertips until it naturally tears. Trust me, it’s a life-changing method. Once it’s free from its peel, we’re going to cut it into several big chumps and put them in a medium bowl. Then, just mash it with a dinner fork, until it is about halfway through into a pulp. Don’t worry about small lumps since we’re good with a ½ portion of it well crushed.

This is the point where you can add your extra flavors like vanilla, cocoa powder, or even honey! No need to, but you’re free to improvise as long as you keep the additional ingredients lightweight, leave the solid chunky ones like chocolate or fruits to the final toppings, as you desire.

Mix in the eggs and stir them until they become one with the bowl, in a liquid loose state, as nature intended. When you feel the delicious fusion is ready, get yourself a worthy pan (cast iron, nonstick, or griddle) and get it heated up on medium. Once again, no need to but you can add a little butter or vegetable oil to it. We won’t tell.

Pour small portions of the batter into your heated pan of choice, preferably two tablespoons at a time. Once you feel it frying, repeat the process by dropping the rest of the batter, leaving a little space between all your future pancakes.

Cook them for about one minute, lifting the corner to check they’re getting that classic golden texture at the bottom. Here you can sprinkle some optional goodies while we still haven’t flipped it, over its softer and loose top. Only then, flip it very carefully so it doesn’t fall apart on you. It’s best to use a flat spatula but don’t sweat it, if you get some loose batter just lay the other side on top of it! Easy. Leave it another minute on that side until you see that sweet golden brown. Flip it again if necessary until you get that traditional texture!

And there you go! Now you can add your final toppings, like a cherry on top, and enjoy this delicious treat! We’ll see you next week!