Do your own sanitizer gel

DIY hand sanitizer gel aloe vera

These are troubled times. The covid-19 started at a market in Wuhan, China, but it is spreading swiftly through all Europe. Although some say that the common flue virus is deadlier than the coronavirus, the spreading of the covid-19 is having a huge impact on our daily lives. The World Health Organization shares a topic on this subject here.

Besides no more hugging and kissing (unless it’s very close family members), sneezing in your elbow and other things you can read in the World Health Organization site, you should try to wash your hands as frequently as possible.

It isn’t easy to wash your hands when commuting or need to visit public places, but that can be solved by using sanitizer gel. The downside is that most hand sanitizers contain ingredients that are as harmful to you as the virus and bacteria they fight.

Good news is that you can do your own hand sanitizer gel and Garbags will share the recipe we have been using:
2 cups of Isopropyl alcohol
1 cup of aloe vera gel
5/8 drops of essential oil (optional)

You can easily find an organic aloe vera gel here. You can also use the interior of a leaf if you have one at home (click here to learn how). These plants require minimal care but in case you need help to learn about it, here's a comprehensive guide on how to take care of your aloe vera plant.

Regarding the essential oils, you can choose some that have antimicrobial properties like tea tree oil or clove oil, but in this case you should use just two or three drops as they are powerful and might damage your skin. If you prefer to use some just for the scent, you can use lavender or chamomile that are soothing for the skin.

In the end, you just need to mix all the ingredients together and use a funnel to pour them into a bottle (you can reuse a pomp bottle or a spray one) and you are ready to go!

There is no more need to be anxious about the fact that the sanitizer run out of stock in the nearest supermarket, just get what you need make your own.

Stay safe out there!