Environmental Celebrations & Water Day!

What a thrill this month has been as we’ve celebrated together numerous days dedicated to the environment and the beginning of spring! Just yesterday, on the 22nd, we had the pleasure of commemorating the International Day of Water, the world’s most precious resource.

Considering the serious problems we already faced at the time and the expected world water crisis due to the increase in global temperature, the United Nations has been raising awareness and taking action against the world’s sanitation crisis, ever since 1993!

That being said, World Water day is not only about cherishing but more importantly it’s about accelerating change by solving how we use, consume, and manage water in our lives. We must not take it for granted where it is abundant, in view of the fact that the amount we have to provide ourselves is gradually decreasing with the years and it has already reached catastrophic levels in some regions of the planet, affecting population, biodiversity, and ecosystems. Ultimately, it will affect us all, so everybody is bound to take action!

Leading the way is the UN-Water interagency, a mechanism that coordinates international entities and organizations in tackling the sanitation and water crisis. They provide the best tips in the form of personal commitment that we can all apply to our daily lives, in order to help solve this issue! Some of those include:


  • Eating locally - invest in more seasonal food and products whose production doesn’t require an excessive amount of water!
  • Pollution by laziness - It’s easy to just put everything down the drain without even thinking about it. Become aware of the hazards of this behavior and avoid it at all costs!
  • Good Water Managementif you don’t let the tap run when you’re not using it, in the long run, it helps a lot! This involves taking showers, brushing your teeth, and all kitchen-related activities.
  • Cleaning up! - Stay put for those community clean-up activities that happen in your area from time to time, those that participate are the real MVPs!

For additional great advice on How to Save Water at Home, don't forget to visit our friends by clicking this link!


As we’re used to, by taking action into our own hands through our voluntary commitments, we’re helping accelerate the progress of internationally-agreed water-related goals and targets! Let’s keep it up and create eco-friendly habits that are good for everyone!

Up next we’ll have Earth Hour Day on the 25th! Don’t forget to switch off and help/honor the Earth with just an hour of your time without electricity. Together we will keep on creating a tremendous positive impact!

We’ll see you next week!