Have a Secondhand January Sales

january sales eco-friendly

How we dress is one of the ways we communicate to people about our identity. This is so important that fashion industry became a huge and widespread one leading to overconsumption and impacting harmfully our environment. Today, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Most of the greenhouse gases released from the fashion industry come from leather production, which is related to cattle raising and its high levels of methane emissions (a 20 times more harmful compared to CO2 emissions). However, cotton and synthetic fibers production also have a great impact on the environment and to make this matter worse, when mixed these are difficult and expensive to recycle. 

The alternative for the fashion industry is really to change the way the raw materials are produced,  the business model and providing sustainable alternatives for the consumers.

The cotton, for example, should be agroecological, like the Natural Cotton Color. Today, there are already many brands using this kind of eco-friendly material. The agroecological cotton is capable of restoring degraded areas and retaining CO2 on the soil.

As consumers, we should also step towards sustaianble fashion. For example, with January sales coming, consider having a careful thought about what you are going to buy, and if you really need it. Look for eco-friendly brands that use ecological raw materials, reused or recycled.  There is a great variety of brands you can check on the page of Good on You, the world's leading source for fashion brand ratings.

Another alternative is to buy second hand cloths. There are multiple choices both physical stores (e.g. Humana) or online platforms (e.g. OLX, Vinted).

For this January Sales, make a difference, look for second hand stores or discover that new eco-friendly brand, which matches your taste and start the year with a new ecolook!