Medicinal Tips from Mother Nature!

Medicinal Tips from Mother Nature!

Dear reader, in this weekly journey of ours, as you know, we’ve been sharing loads of information and tips in regards to the environment. Improving the planet's health and everyone’s life is our goal, so this time we’re going to initiate a long requested saga of how Mother Nature has been helping our species since the dawn of our time!

Due to the discovery of penicillin in 1928, we’ve been gradually putting natural remedies to the side. Although we strongly believe in the superior healing qualities of our medical developments, we’re certain that, for various specific situations, there are still some alternative solutions worth having a look at:



Apart from being delicious, it has some legit medical uses. Recommended for nighttime coughs for children over the age of 1, it has been proven that it can achieve equal or better results than your over-the-counter cough suppressants!

Salt Water

We usually see it being used through nasal saline sprays, but the sole MVP here is the salt. It’s great against allergies, cold and sinus infections! I guess that’s part of the reason why people that go for a freezing swim on the 1st of January don’t get sick afterwards. It seems Nature’s got your back when it comes to these types of traditions.


A double-edged sword this one, but let’s not mix the wrongful usage and consumption of sugar with its proven abilities to solve a critical problem: hiccups. That’s right, all you need to do is have a spoon of sugar and leave it in your mouth till it completely dissolves. The sugar actually relaxes the vagus nerve that’s linked to your diaphragm, solving the problem! 


Yes, the fruit we didn’t trust when we first saw it. Turns out it works great in the treatment of constipations as a result of the fibre and sorbitol that it contains. It has a laxative effect on our bodies, so be sure to remember this one when going through those frightening times of need!


The unexpected cure for a fungus we know as athlete's foot! A very common problem because of its highly contagious nature. It can be solved with crushed garlic/garlic oil in a matter of days. When you apply it to the affected skin, the released properties it contains will do the job for you, eventually leading to the death of the nasty fungus!


Some of these we’ve heard from our elders as they were passed through generations, others are even used in our modern hospitals. Either way, if they come as a surprise, they might come in handy as well.

Make sure you take some notes or re-visit us whenever you please, it’s always a pleasure to have you around! See you next week!