Running out of ideas about what to give for Christmas this year? Make yourself a sustainable and thoughtful gift!

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Christmas is just around the corner and you might already be thinking how you are going to celebrate. Meeting family and friends at Christmas is a special time to cherish our affections, and the receiving and giving gifts still is a huge ritual that cannot be ignored. On the other hand, during this season the production of waste packages increases by 30%, a big impact considering it’s only for one day of celebration.

What can we do to reduce our environmental foot print during this holiday season? We know a gift is not only about the object we buy, but it is about the thought and the love we put in it. So, what about making our own gifts, reuse what we already have at home instead of just going to a mall or ordering online? This way we produce less waste and it will be for sure a much more thoughtful and meaningful present for our beloved family and friends, but also for the environment.

The most practical homemade gift we can make has to do with food. So, if you have some glass pots left in the kitchen cabinets, you can make sauce or jam you know your friends and family like the most. Spreads, like caponata in a glass pot with a beautiful wrap out of some paper you might have forgotten in the drawers or your famous cookies if you have some plastic pots kept from the lock down take away are also good options.

Besides being fun to make the gift we want to give to our loved ones, it will make people happy. Specially if the person is already environmentally aware. Isn’t this what Christmas spirit is all about: giving time, love and dedication to the ones that are special to us?

Below we share with you some steps to prepare a gift using an old jar with jam or a sauce:

  • First, you have to sterilize the glass pots. Place the jars and lids in a deep pan and cover with cold water. Bring to the boil and let it boil for 10 minutes in medium heat. After taking them out carefully, let them air-dry. 
  • You should put the sauce or jam still hot in the glass jar.
  • After filling the jars, you can decorate it with some fabric you might have at home. Cut the fabric in a square shape sufficient to cover the lid. Then fasten it with a stripe.

This simple decoration makes a very personal gift. Now, just write that special message and have a great time with friends and family with less waste.