The Importance of Green Spaces

The Importance of Green Spaces

For many of us, being part of today's society implies living in an urban bubble where taking a deep breath of pure fresh air involves going on a planned weekend trip. Sadly, passively inhaling our own city's pollution is now part of our routine, whether we like it or not. Since we’re what we might call a greedy species, we conquered and built as we could creating, along the way, our own ecosystem. It was inevitable that the results of expanding our reach throughout the world meant taking some losses nature-wise. And that was relatively okay because it was necessary until we became aware of it. 

It is estimated that about nine million people die every year as a direct result of air pollution! The continuous and mindless destruction of our own habitat for the pursuit of profit tends to catch up to us in numerous forms as we become collateral damage. It goes without saying that preserving and having green spaces in our cities is the minimum and the best approach to the toxic air we produce.

Urban Heat Island Effect

Scientists have been expressing concerns about this phenomenon for many years. Gladly, they haven't been completely ignored. What occurs is, with the lack of vegetation and increase of paved surfaces all around our cities, the temperature goes along with it and the heat just keeps going up. Green spaces, on the other hand, help mitigate these negative effects by giving our cities cooling zones, which are extremely important! They fill our need to feel connected with nature, whether sitting under the shade of a big tree or spending time in the park.

The Lungs Of Our Cities!

Imagine a city without any trees, plants, or any type of vegetation? Almost seems like a post-apocalyptic scenario! Ugh. Nothing bad comes out of being able to enjoy flowers alongside the road. Besides, let’s not forget the bonus of them taking up all the carbon dioxide and, while at it, giving us that oxygen we sure love. These areas, hopefully, have become part of our lives. It’s where we go to have a quiet nice lunch, play with our children, walk our dogs or have nice picnics! They are also very flexible by providing us with a handful of other benefits:

Mental Health

Being in touch with nature is part of who we are. Although it doesn’t need us, we most certainly do! In the long run, it helps us reduce stress and stimulates our mood, increasing happiness and concentration. Helps us reflect and stay in touch with ourselves! Research into ecotherapy (a treatment that involves outside activities with nature) has shown us it is a great way to help fight depression! 

Physical Health

If the body is our temple and we feel like jogging, we need somewhere to go where we can breathe comfortably and peacefully! Green Spaces promote and make it possible to have healthy lifestyles. Exercising and doing sports in touch with the environment is great for us, providing some extra vitamin D on lovely sunny days!


Do you feel the need for green spaces? What's your favorite activity to do? Let us know!