Time to Build a Garden


Time goes by so fast that we just end up missing out on doing some of the things we have always had in mind. Well, not today! This week, we aim to inspire you to not leave it for another day when the chance arises, by providing you with the path and fundamentals on how to build yourself a new, amazing garden!

From here on, we can have some fun planting different kinds of vegetables to bring to the table, as organic as they get! Perhaps some flowers to brighten your mornings? Heck, even some herbs to use as natural medicines or to simply add some flavor to your meals. Gets to the point where you can do these three at the same time, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Alright, I might have gotten ahead of myself with the excitement. Let’s focus on building our garden first. By now you’re already wondering when do we finally start, but the real question is: where do we start?


Picking The Best Location

Whether we live in an apartment, in a country, or suburban setting, the first thing we need to do is to pay attention to where we can get the most amount of sunlight. We’re looking for about 6-8 hours of light a day since almost all vegetables and many plant categories require it! If not possible, there are still a lot of crops that work well in the shade, so don’t worry!


Getting the Right Tools

These have been around for centuries and, like technology, they’ve been improving ever since to make sure we get things done as efficiently as possible! Starting with some good-quality gardening basic tools can go a long way in getting the most out of it. Some of these include Gloves, a Garden Hoe, a Garden or Hand Shovel, Watering Wand/Can, a Rake, and a Garden Fork. - 12 Essential Garden Tools for Beginners


Preparing The Garden Space

Now we need to figure out how big we want it to be. Having the location set up, we have to clear the way and make proper room for our garden beds! Clear the existing vegetation and weeds by the roots so they don’t come back to haunt your goodies. By the way, since digging can disrupt the soil, you can choose to put into practice the no-till gardening method! - No-Dig Gardening: An Easier Way to Grow


Raised Garden Bed

There are different boxes where this type of magic happens. We strongly advise the raised bed because it’s not dependent on having an almost perfect soil. It keeps some insects away, your soil will warm up earlier in the spring season and your crops are likely to be healthier due to deeper roots! Although it can be built in 5 simple steps, we will also need to gather some supplies first! Our known experts in the fields from Good HouseKeeping provide the perfect quick guide with all you need to know!

By the way, remember Nature’s Gift? We’re going to need it! (Don’t miss out on our article on how to make your own Compost, it will definitely come in handy).

If you’ve made it this far and followed all the steps, the hard part of setting everything up is done, congratulations!


Nothing better than finding a healthy hobby where you can literally stay in touch with Nature while taking personal care of it as well. Not convinced yet? Check out the benefits of gardening for your mental and physical well-being!

We’ve opened the doors to a variety of new gardening adventures that we can already see on the horizon in the following weeks. Stay tuned!