Zero Waste: Fruits & Vegetables


Spring is undeniably the beginning of the beautiful cycle we have on our always-giving planet. With it, the natural growth of crops and delicious goodies joins in and allows us to keep us thriving in many ways, through many recipes. After a heavenly pie, it’s time to set our minds on the fruits (and vegetables) of the lands that never let us down, in order to have a healthy life. 

While given such a gift, why shouldn’t we go “zero waste” when it comes to fruits and vegetables? 

After knowing how to, there’s no reason to not take advantage of it. When it comes to our own, the nutrition benefits are off the chart. It also strengthens the immune system and stimulates growth and development! Overall, one of the key ingredients for longevity and improving mental and cardiovascular health. On the other hand, when it comes to our planet, despite causing a big impact due to the sheer amount of our population, the harms of food waste within our households go unnoticed in our daily lives. It just happens that fresh food and vegetables contribute to almost 50% of the food waste we produce!

Taking into account the immense variety of each, we’ll try to round them up and give you some key solutions to this problem:

  • Your freezer is your friend! - we don’t always get it right with the portions we’re going to need, letting our goodies gradually rot. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, so let’s start by storing them properly;   

  • Explore the Chef in you! - leftovers during cooking are a part of life, except that only a few know the ways of deliciously maximizing what’s set to the side. Here are 16 recipes that will blow your mind!;

  • Don’t judge by the cover! - it may come as a surprise, but the peels are the most nutrient-rich parts! By eating them, you’re increasing your nutrient intake by a significant amount and they even help prevent diseases!;

  • Use them as a treat! - is your pet always staring at you while you cook? That’s because they recognize and smell how tasty it is. You can use some scraps or leftovers as treats/complements to their daily rations. Avoid salt and have in mind that not all of them. Here’s some insight on that for your puppy and kittie.

  • As they like to say, old habits die hard. If we start applying some of these valuable tips against food waste, it’s a matter of time until we automatically start making it a daily practice in our kitchens, improving our health & planet!

    We’ll see you next week!