Creative Ways to Reuse Kitchen Waste

You know the new levels we’ve been reaching when it comes to our lifestyle in harmony with nature? As long as there’s space for improvement, we’re going to do our best to get there and spread the knowledge, so this week we’re bringing another plate of useful wisdom to the table. Since we’ve been learning about food waste and ways to fight it, let’s continue working on some tips when it comes to food waste in our kitchen. There are so many ways to minimise our carbon footprint that it honestly becomes a no-no not knowing about them all.

Ready to add new strategies to your repertoire? Let’s get it!


Coffee Grounds

It’s like they were made for our creative purposes. The best one would be if you use them as fertiliser, as it also repels insects and pests while working as natural steroids for optimal plant growth! Additionally, it can neutralise odours fairly easily, help exfoliate the skin, give your hair an extra shine if mixed with hair conditioner and can even be used as a natural cleaning scrub to scour your pots and pans!


Celery, Lettuce, Carrots and Pineapples!

I’m happy to share with you that you can have your own continuous stock of these. It might take some time, but using the stomps and tops we can regrow these nutritious goodies! Speaking of these, check the next one out!


Fruit and Vegetables Pulp

Apart from regrowing some, let’s not forget about not throwing away the pulp, as we’re going to need it to add some of that extra juicy nutrition to our smoothies. Heck, we can even mix it into the batter and use it from there on for an extra flavour on whatever we’re preparing!


Potato Skins

My only regret is the potato chips I’ve thrown away, without knowing. That’s right, and they taste really good! We can turn the leftover potato scraps into deliciously crispy potato chips that are full of fibre and nutrients! And that’s not all, but that’s something we will reveal in a future standalone article. Wink.


Mash Fruit Sacks

Do you know that stain that won’t come out of your pot? Scrub and remove it with some mash fruit sacks! It’s a sack that protec n’ attac scrap. (I apologise for that pun).


Paper Towel Rolls

We can use these to separate and stack some loose cords we have all piled together. It will save us a lot of time separating them all! From cleaning and drying to organising, talk about simple versatility!


And there you go! We hope you enjoyed the tips and will put them to good use because we are going to keep them coming. Together, step by step, we’re making a difference through our way of living!

Best believe it. See you next week!