The Struggle Against Food Waste II

The Struggle Against Food Waste II

It is an essential part of our life mission to tackle this type of problem. In fact, at Garbags we like to think that life is made of millions of moments that make it beautiful. There are also millions of simple things (almost accurate) that are within our reach, to help preserve the beauty of nature! Having the knowledge and acquiring these habits is halfway to making it happen!

Previously, we’ve learned some shocking facts regarding the amount of food that is wasted worldwide. The thought that, in some countries, on a daily basis the food waste reaches over 150 million kilos is something that, honestly, is nightmare fuel. Adding to this fact, world hunger is still on the rise, affecting 9.9% of people globally each day.

So, what can we do about this? Allow me to continue to make it easier for you, by sharing another round of special tips on the issue at hand!

  • Being picky! Yes, you know what I’m talking about. You’re now in the process of shopping smart by only picking the amount you need so it doesn’t go to waste later, which is great, but you might still be looking for that flawless piece of fruit/vegetable, discarding the “ugly” ones. Since, unfortunately, a lot of people do this, despite there being no differences in taste or nutrition values, a vast amount of food goes to waste every day. In fact, in almost all cases, the tastiest ones are the ripest! Remember that!
  • Compost! We learned how to make our own compost, then we entertained the magnificent idea of having our own garden! It’s all coming together, as you see. Put the leftovers you might have from meals to good use by using them as fertilizer! You can also help by feeding stray dogs or cats, near you, that are always in need! They’ll love you for it!
  • Work that Freezer! Let’s just say the invention of refrigeration is one of mankind's big steps. It’s the best way to preserve food, in almost every case! We recommend using it frequently and wisely.
  • Making Broth or Stock! It’s natural that in the course of our home chef careers, we handle large amounts of excess food. A brilliant alternative to tossing away the excess vegetables, scraps, bones, or animal drippings is to make a lovely broth/stock. Shoutout to the soup lovers as well!
  • Pack your lunch! I know that it involves a daily commitment and you might be too tired to think about it, but hear me out: besides helping against food waste, it will save you money! All you need is a quality food container and you’re ready to go. I promise you that you won’t regret it and you’ll even sleep better at night!
  • Be creative! Use some ingredients that are soon to expire and try out some new recipes with them. You might even surprise yourself and find your new favorite dish! Consider yourself challenged.

We, the average consumers, might not be the greatest threat to the environment, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the steps we can to make it better. We need to continue finding new ways to minimize our waste and improve our Food Waste Footprint. Let’s go!