A New Clean Energy Source?

A New Clean Energy Source?

Attention! This is not a drill! In fact, it’s one of the most astounding scientific feats of the 21st century! We’re talking about a breakthrough in nuclear fission that’s been pursued by scientists for more than 60 years! The level of excitement is hard to put into words, so bare with me with the exclamation points.

On the 13th of December, US Officials announced that Scientists at Lawrence Livermore NIF (National Ignition Facility) achieved a milestone for the future of clean energy! We’re not quite there yet, but we’ve got the formula! For the sake and pun of it, so you have a better overall idea, we’re comparing it with the discovery of fire, due to its fiery nature in the context of our society's development!

At first, from that little spark, we got to heat our homes and keep the predators away. Fast forward to the present and look at where it brought us! In the near future, this breakthrough might be the release of the weight on our shoulders when it comes to nonrenewable energy sources. Even renewable energy sources have their cost and are hard to implement and sustain, so this is just amazing news, everyone!


The Power Source of the Stars

One of the few things in life that despite sounding too good to be true, is actually legit. Like the stars in our universe, we’ve managed to harness nuclear fusion! One of the toughest physics challenges ever conceived. To put it simply, for the first time through a fusion reactor, more energy was produced than the energy that was used to trigger it. Profit!

Facing an immensely complex topic that I will not dare to try to explain myself, Marv Adams, a Nuclear Scientist, came to the rescue by describing the process in an exciting and simple manner!


Current Worldwide Energy Consumption

As we look at the 2021 statistics from the International Energy Agency it is clear that besides the energy crisis we’re facing now, the numbers indicate an increase in the necessity for reliable, efficient, and affordable energy. As our global population is expected to grow, so is the energy demand from various countries with developing economies and markets. As we’ve seen from the path the wagon is going in the long run, we’re consuming more than we can sustain, using nature 1.8 times faster than our planet’s biocapacity can regenerate! Even under these circumstances, more than 700 million people live without electricity in their homes!

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, this is a true game-changer! Let’s support our experts and wish them all the luck in the world in this new venture. It’s not going to be easy to make the dream of a Nuclear Fusion Power Plant happen, but we’re certainly on our way!


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