A Sustainable Carnival

Following the most romantic date of the year, it’s time to put on our costumes and party! Responsibly, of course. In fact, that’s why we’re here, to share the moment with you with a tad of that special sprinkle of environmental awareness! 

Carnival is not just another party around the world’s block, it’s speculated to be the oldest party dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece! One that we must cherish due to its original noble meaning in celebrating the renewal of fertility, nature, and spring. Taking into consideration the essence of the season and how it evolved in today’s society, the least we could do is not deviate from its spirit and symbolism. Unfortunately, the negative environmental footprint doesn’t come as a complete surprise since it brings millions of people together. 

For instance, in 2019 the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had more than 7 million people attending celebrations and with them 1.8 million tons of littering. An increase of 14% more than the previous year, which just keeps on rising! 

Let’s try and do better, for ourselves and the planet:

  • Let nature shine! Glitter is fun, we all had our share of it and still do on special occasions, but it’s more harmful than we would think. Being one of our favorite props, it’s important to know that it’s mainly made out of plastic and metals that aren’t recyclable! When it’s time to wash it off, they’re a challenge to filter,  polluting our water systems due to their microparticles. Here are some eco-friendly alternatives!         

  • Confetti & Serpentines! The traditional props that can’t seem to miss a party. Like glitter, the excessive usage of unrecyclable materials seems harmless but wreaks havoc on the environment, taking up to 1,000 years to break down. In this case, why not let nature help with the cleanup by using biodegradable ones? 

  • Embrace the Fantasy! Mixing it up when it comes to clothing is only natural, but is it really necessary to do it if we’re only using a particular costume once a year? If not, there are two eco-friendly ways to go about it:

  • -  Get creative and have fun in the process using clothes and materials you already own, giving them your unique & personal touch!

    - Rent your costume! There are many rental shops with a variety of fun costumes ready to show their potential!

  • Preparation is key! Food and drinks are a fundamental part of having fun, especially in communities that take Carnival to the streets. Bring your own cup and avoid single-use products which are mainly made out of plastics. You can even match it with your costume, turning it into a stylish accessory!

  • Keep your eyes open for trash cans! The most basic thing to keep in mind, yet one of the most important ones! If you can, bring a little bag with you to stash everything you need to avoid littering. 

  • Setting an example can change people’s perspectives. In the fight against climate change, planning ahead and trying out new alternatives end up making all the difference! That being said, we wish you a splendid zero-waste Carnival!

    We’ll see you next week!