Eco-Friendly Activities: Chapter 1


We all love to stay home and enjoy life as it is while we read a book and eat some ice cream glued to the couch. If you found this highly specific, don’t judge, not becoming a little bit lazier in different ways became a daily struggle to most of us. This week, we bring you some great ecological activities that will, without a doubt, brighten your day.

 Outdoor Activities:

  • Ladies and gentlemen, let’s start with plogging. An amazing cocktail of exercise and world cleansing. It consists of having your daily run while you clean as much litter as you can, all you need is a bag and to stay hydrated! Easy, healthy and fun.
  • Spend time at your local park, beach or lake. Bring your family, friends, some food and drinks and you're all set for an amazing Picnic!
  • Hiking and Camping. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, pick one and win yourself a tale to share. Pick both and you'll be able to enhance your already incredible experience with some late-night stargazing!
  • Remember Bees? We need them more than we like to admit, in fact, our existence as we know it depends on them. Why not plant some bee-friendly flowers all over your town (Sunflowers, Honeysuckle, Cosmos)? They’d love it!
  • Go biking! An excellent way to stay in shape and to cover long distances while leaving no carbon footprints, an obvious but wise alternative to fuel-dependent modes of transport! 

Travelling Green:

  •  Eating Local Food is a great way of taking in different cultures and plays a huge part in our vacations. Most importantly, it helps reduce transportation emissions, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and improving our carbon footprint!
  • Avoid flying, but don’t bring your house with you if you do! A common Portuguese expression that translates into packing lightly, especially if travelling by plane. The more it weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces!
  • Avoid buying plastic bottled water. As simple as carrying your reusable alternative with you! If simple steps like this one were practised by everyone, fighting pollution would become much easier!
  • Contact Local Green Organisations! The ideal way to find out which green projects you could participate in, along with eco-friendly stays they might advise on/offer. These organisations promote eco-tourism, so they’re often delighted to receive a helping hand and help you during your stay as well.


Having a sustainable lifestyle is not about perfection, but about trying our best to help the planet and setting an example as human beings.

Ideas and opportunities are plenty to enjoy life in union with nature, so if you had any throughout your read, please share them with us, your friends and family!