Interview With Karim Omar

Getting creative is part of our identity, so sharing ideas and working with kindred spirits comes with the job. This week we are interviewing Karim Omar, a passionate photographer who crossed paths with us. Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Karim has a Major in Finance but has been working as a photographer and freelancer in translation. We know he loves traveling, monolink, and Lebanese/Indian food, but we're eager to learn more! Without further ado, let's get to know him a little bit better:


From studying finance to professional photography. What got you into it?

“It all started as a coincidence, since I’ve always taken photos. It’s the best way for me to just remember things. Personally, it’s like proof that I was there and experienced those moments. When the pandemic started, I just found myself going through the old photos that I took and wanting to do something with them, it helped that I had a lot of time to start learning something new. So, I started learning how to edit photos and posting them on VSCO, an app that none of my friends knew about and that I used as a digital diary, where I keep some of these memories. Shortly after getting more into it and posting more, I remember waking up with hundreds of notifications, A LOT of people were reposting my photos. They liked them and some people were even so kind as to message me about how much they like the photos. And I just found myself taking a course and wanting to pursue a professional career in photography.”


What do you look for in your art?

“Sometimes I just find it hard to think of a way of putting words together to articulate what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling. So, I’m looking for the best way to express them!”


Your love for traveling intertwined with Garbags Project. What made you feel like this partnership made sense?

“I was in Lisbon with a friend and one morning she told me that she found that cute bags store that she wanted to see. We went out to explore Lisbon and, on our way back, we ended up passing by your store. Luckily Ms.Tânia was there! She was super welcoming and we just stayed there for so long talking about India and how it inspired her, and she was so encouraging for us to try different colours and patterns together. Then I found myself thinking about my friends and sister and combining the colours and patterns that reminded me of them. Besides that, I had just found the purpose of going green by doing my best to save the environment, which brings an amazing feeling. I guess I’ve always had some fear that, in a few years, many things on our planet will be just a memory, and how capitalism just never cares. So, I found this partnership really fulfilling in many different aspects for me. Ms.Tânia was just so kind, she embraced the idea.”


In what way can your work help us make a difference?

“I can only hope that my work would raise awareness about such an underestimated topic, and to make people know they aren’t alone, that others can relate to them and motivate others to express themselves in any possible way.”


What’s your biggest motivation to work in this industry?

“Documenting moments, expressing feelings, thoughts and telling stories.”


Out of all your photos, which one is your favorite and why?

“This photo from my time in India, I forgot I even took that photo. During Covid-19 I was just going through the photos that I took there and I found this one. Then I got really motivated to practice what I’ve been learning during the pandemic because, on a personal level, I feel really frustrated by how fast time goes by, and how going against the norms in my society could get really hectic. So, if that’s what I believe in and if that’s what really makes me happy, I figured I should just take a leap of faith and keep going."


Got curious about Karim's work? Make sure to check out his Instagram and Garbags' Instagram!

See you next week for a new Garblog post!