Modern Green Businesses

What do money and nature have in common besides the color green?

We know nature has been around for millions of years before we introduced the world to our evolving currencies, yet these two really haven’t been on the same page for thousands of years. As luck would have it, these last decades an increasing number of companies have been gradually changing that. When visible consequences and science come together, it brings us to a whole new level of perception. For our own sake, that’s precisely what we desperately needed!

A new chapter began when corporate social/environmental responsibility joined the party. Of course, we all play a part in this story, but since we now know about the colossal difference between the impact the population has versus the existing industries, let’s just say this change is and will be remembered as a turning point in human history, no doubt about that.

As we become more aware of our self-destructive behavior, it’s only natural that we look for sustainable and ecological solutions as consumers. Even when it’s not the case, we opt for what isn’t directly harmful to the environment, right? The same happens with business owners when they don’t neglect their responsibilities to their community and the planet. There’s also an elephant in the room called Eco-Ableism, but we’ll talk about that later on this month. As for now, we’re going to look at why this transformation in businesses worldwide is so important to their own prosperity, to us, and to the planet. 

 According to an article on Business Sustainability, conducted by Maryville University, we can conclude that: 

  • Around 70% of Americans are counting on companies to take social and environmental action against climate change. If given a choice, most of the population will openly reject companies that don’t care about it; 
  • Reputation and Competitive Advantage - by establishing a good image and aligning honest conduct with the consumer's perspective, companies will thrive while showing the market it’s not all about profit, generating more of it in the process;
  • If industrial emissions aren’t dropped by 40% by 2060, the planet's temperature will increase by over two degrees Celsius;
  • After an initial investment, business costs are reduced through sustainable waste management and transparency - “the more sustainable your business becomes, the less you’ll spend on energy and materials.”.

Against facts, there are no arguments. The perfect expression for an ongoing problem that affects our whole world and the world itself. Thankfully, measures are being taken by companies like ours (Watch the newly released documentary above about Garbags Mission), and the overwhelming statistics on the subject which prove spreading awareness is a powerful tool/strategy that slowly, but steadily, makes its way into worldwide change. 

If greed was a deep root of the problem, we can now sleep a little better at night knowing that the dynamic is changing. Thanks to all of us, corporations' hands are being forced to play along with saving the planet, if they want to save themselves. 😉


We’ll see you next week!