The three Ps of the toilet

the three Ps of the toilet

There are only three things you can flush down the toilet: pee, poo and (toilet) paper. Be aware that we’re talking about toilet paper and not all kinds of paper. For instance, the kitchen paper towels don’t disintegrate easily down
the sewer since they’re not produced with the same type of material.

The same goes for the wet wipes because they are made of plastic and will end up as microplastic in the digestive system of some form of sea life, even if
they are marked as flushable.

Tampons and pads can obstruct the pipes and are not biodegradable as well as
dental floss, diapers and swabs. Condoms are terrible for animals who will think it is food.

The same goes for food. Food can only be flushed down the toilet after passing through your intestine. That is the truth. Because food fat can obstruct pipes and sewers once it gets cold. You can dispose the kitchen oils by taking them to the local recycling program or container or you can compost for your home garden.

Pharmaceutical and personal hygiene products are two major pollutants because the chemicals they have persist, even after passing through the local water treatment plant back to the surface and ground waters, and can cause endocrine problems to fish, leading to health issues that will grow and endure as other animals and humans eat contaminated flesh. You can read a bit more about the issue right here.

So, remeber, you cannot use chemicals to open a clogged toilet after your cat accidentally flushed the entire toilet paper down the drain. Try using a metal snake instead.

The toilet should only flush the three Ps: pee, poop and (toilet) paper or your plumbing, the water treatment plant and the environment will most probably end up damaged.