Zero waste flight kit

zero waste flight kit


When we are preparing for travel, besides all the things we have to organize and if we are flying, it is very difficult to know what you can take with you in the plane as cabin luggage or not. Nowadays, almost everyone travels with just the hand luggage, it is cheaper in some companies and save us time. Plus, the luggage creates more weight and therefore more fuel is spent.

But there are a lot of rules regarding what you can and cannot take inside the cabin. If you are trying a zero waste life it is even harder since you will probably want to take your own stuff, like bottles and forks and even food.

First, you can evaluate the carbon impact of your flight by booking through flight searce engines that calculate the flight's CO2 emissions like FlyGreen or MyClimate. They will make the calcuations and adjust the price of the ticket to offset that amount. The extra money is donated to sustainable energy projects, allowing you to balance out your carbon footprint.

You can make the check-in online and have an e-ticket which is easy to use and saves paper while allowing you to board the plane. There is no need to print the ticket and you don’t run the risk to forget it at home.


Don’t forget about your reusable empty bottle for water. Yes, it has to be empty, so be careful if you think you will drink all the water before passing

through security because you do not want to lose your beautiful glass bottle. A reusable cup is also very important for you to sip the wonderful plane coffee. Take a cloth napkin and a handkerchief, this way you don’t need to use the paper ones. An empty jar or a tupperware container is important during flight but also during the rest of the stay so you can fill it with leftovers or something else.

On the top of this, please bring with you some patience because the security check is boring and when you finally pass through, usually you have your belt in one hand and your trousers on the other, but you will be happy because you no longer have a paper ticket stuck under your chin.

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